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    We book an hour for each fitting. It may not take this long, but please allow an hour.

    Dancers need to ensure that their toe nails are short and not likely to ‘dig in’. Convertible ballet tights are the best tights to wear as it means we can look at your feet and secure any padding underneath these. If you don’t have any we can lend you some cut off ballet tights. Please don't wear footed tights as this means we can't look at your feet easily.
    Come to the appointment wearing comfortable clothing that will allow you to plié whilst allow us to see your ankles too.

    You will be asked questions about your dancing history, your teachers requirements and any problems you have, or have had in the past.

    We will talk about padding and whether your teacher recommends it, or not. If you are unsure it is always good to ask before you attend the fitting.

    We will then take a good look at your feet. We usually like to have a feel over the metatarsals to assess the degree of compressibility. You will be asked if this is ok before we do it so if you don’t like having your feet touched, don’t worry.

    Once we have done this we will have an idea about the type of shoe that will suit your foot.

    We will then try different shoes on. Usually we end up with 3 or 4 styles that might be suitable. From these styles we look a little closer at each shoe before we end up with a shoe that both the fitter and dancer are happy with.