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    At Dancique we believe that having a pointe shoe fitted is of utmost importance.

    A well fitted shoe needs to fit, not just in length and width, but also be of a style suited to the dancers foot. This means that the box shape, wings and shank all work in conjunction to correctly support the foot en-pointe whilst at the same time flattering the foot.

    At Dancique we assess the foot before fitting. We look at the shape, depth, compressibility and strength. The dancers level is also taken into account.
    The assessment process continues throughout the fitting and we always talk through what we are doing and seeing and encourage feedback from dancers.

    We have a large, varied range of stock shoes and believe that dancers should be given a number of options to try. This is important whether you are a beginner or a more advanced dancer.

    We are passionate about finding the right shoe for every dancer. We continually appraise our stock and are always looking for new shoes that may be beneficial to our customers. If we don’t have the perfect shoe in stock for a dancer we will always order in.

    Here are a few diagrams that explain some of the terms you might hear us use.