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    Sewing Ribbons And Elastics On Your Pointe Shoes

    After your teacher has checked that she’s happy with your new shoes you will need to sew the ribbons on. Click here for a helpful guide on sewing ribbons and elastics onto your new pointe shoes.

    Darning Your Pointe Shoes

    Darning your pointe shoes will help to preserve the life of the satin on the platform and also help to make your shoes less slippery when dancing in them.
    Click here for a guide to darning your pointe shoes.

    Caring For Your Pointe Shoes

    Click here for a useful guide on how to care for your pointe shoes. Looking after your shoes properly will help them to last as long as possible.

    How To Achieve The Perfect Ballet Bun

    Being dressed correctly and having your hair in a neat bun will make you feel ready for class. Click here for a guide on how to achieve the perfect ballet bun.